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It’s Offical… 2024 Football schedule has been released!

The Edgewood Cougars are definitely gearing up for an exciting football season in 2024! Here’s a breakdown of the information:

  • New Era: The Cougars have a new Head Coach, Trace Reynolds, who is a former Edgewood alum.
  • Community Support: We are looking to fill the stands with enthusiastic fans from the community.
  • Friday Night Lights: Bring your family and prepare for some fun and exciting games on Friday nights!
  • Follow Coach Reynolds: You can follow Coach Reynolds on social media (X) at @CoachReynolds_.
  • Spread the Word: Share what makes Edgewood special with people from surrounding communities using the hashtag #TheEdge.

The Edgewood Cougars are ready to make a splash this  2024 season! Go Cougars!